Cannabis for a higher purpose

We set out to be a socially conscious cannabis company from the very beginning. After figuring out our logo, box design, and what our brand meant to us, it was important to focus on the packaging. It needed to be compostable, recyclable, and non-wasteful, while being unique, efficient, and something we would be proud to see in our retail partners stores.

Our core values

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” – John C. Maxwell

Soulshine employees are our #1 asset

We’ve created an environment where co-workers look forward to their job and are provided the opportunity to utilize their individual talents.

Building sustainable relationships

Building strong relationships with our retail partners through accountability, education, and sales support is imperative to sustainability. 

Giving back to our local community

Build a community of customers by building a brand they can connect with, relate to, and be excited to support.

Provide high quality products

Provide high quality products while giving extra attention to hand-watering, hand-trimming, and only using organic pesticides during our grow process.

Saving animals!

Here at Soulshine we love animals and pets! We are blessed with the opportunity to partner with Emerald City Pet Rescue and we are proud to contribute 1% of all gross retail sales to rescuing, nurturing, and rehabilitating homeless and neglected animals.


Our partners

Soulshine partners with some of the best processors around!

Oleum Extracts

Kent, WA

Oleum partners with some of the best cannabis producers to extract some of the finest concentrates in Washington state. “They are known for producing high-quality extracts and have followers from all over the country.” – Jordan Zenisek (Diego Pellicier Manager)


Spokane Valley, WA

Dabstract uses advanced extraction technology to produce high terpene concentrates. “We are committed to ongoing scientific research and development of the various compounds found in Cannabis and their innovative applications.” – Dabstract

Seattle Bubble Works

Seattle, WA

Soulshine has partnered with Seattle Bubbleworks! Bubble hash is extracted using a solvent-free process incorporating just ice and water.
“You couldn’t ask for a more natural extraction method.” – Seattle Bubble Works

Contact us

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