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Soulshine’s Live Resin Disposable is premium hardware with preheating mode and 3 level adjustable output. One-gram of 100% Live Resin is potent and terpene rich. 

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Animal Mints (I), Berry White (H), Black Jack (I), Blue City Diesel (I), Blue Dream (S), Blue Prez (H), Blueberry Shortcake (I), Caesar (I), Candied Citron (H), Candy & Cake (I), Candy Apple (S), Candy Queen (S), Chem Cake (S), Chem Cookies (I), Cherry Pie (I), Cookie Dog (I), Day Tripper (S), Do-Si-Dos (I), Garlic Juice (I), Gary Payton (H), Gelato (I), Gelonade (S), Green Bananas (I), Green Crack (S), Gushers (I), Headband (S), Hood Candy (S), Incognito OG (I), Juicy Cat (S), Keylime Pie (I), Kiwi Cake (I), Kush Mintz (I), Lavender Trainwreck (S), Lemon Haze (S), Lemon Kush (S), Lemon Marmalade (S), Lemon Meringue (S), Lemon OG (I), Lemon Tree (S), MAC (S), Mango Gelato (I), Mango Haze (S), Mango'z (S), Master Kush (I), Mimosa (S), Motor Breath (I), Muffin Man (I), Now N Later (I), Orange Diesel (S), Orange Sconez (H), Papaya Cake (I), Pineapple Express (H), Pineapple Express (S), Pink Kush (I), Platinum Chem (I), Purple Kush (I), Runtz (H), Sidecar (S), Sour Diesel (S), Sour OG (I), Sugar Cane (S), Sundae Driver (S), Sunset Sherbet (I), Super Lemon Haze (S), Super Silver Haze (S), Sweet Island Skunk (S), Tangie (S), Tasty Waves (S), Thin Mint Cookies (I), Tropicana Cookies (S), Wayne's Cough (S), Wedding Cake (I), White Widow (S)

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