Soulshine’s Bubble Hash is made from indoor flowers using traditional ice water sifting. Bubble hash is great as a bowl topper, or rolled into joints and other infusions. It will bubble and melt slowly, providing a rich terpene profile and levitating aroma. 

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Blackberry Cake (I), Full Melt – Bubba Kush (I), Full Melt – Endless Mimosa (S), Full Melt – Orange Nerdz (H), Full Melt – Platinum Kush Breath (I), Golden Lion (H), Himalayan Blackberry (I), Himalodi + CBD (2:1), Lava Cake (I), Low Rider (H), Modified Mints (H), Platinum Kush (I), Rainmaker (H), Sour Athena (S), Sweet Cali (H)

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