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Our hash is made from indoor flower using traditional sifting and hand pressing, then it is aged to perfection to ensure flavor and potency.

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Bubble Melt – Himalayan Blackberry (I), Bubble Melt – Lava Cake (I), Double Cheese (I), Ice Cream Cake (I), Moroccan Style – Black Cherry Haze (S), Moroccan Style – GMO Cookies (H), Moroccan Style – Mango Mamba (I), Morrocan Style – Dump Truck, Pressed Hash – 4G, Pressed Hash – Blueberry Pancake (I), Pressed Hash – Chocolate Chunk (I), Pressed Hash – Donny Burger (I), Pressed Hash – DoughBoyz (I), Pressed Hash – GMO Cookies, Pressed Hash – Golden Lion (H), Pressed Hash – Grape Pie, Pressed Hash – Himalayan Blackberry, Pressed Hash – Ice Cream Cake (I), Pressed Hash – Jelly Breath, Pressed Hash – Lava Cake (I), Pressed Hash – Lodi Dodi (S), Pressed Hash – London Pound Cake (I), Pressed Hash – Narnia (S), Pressed Hash – Rainmaker (H), Pressed Hash – Strawberry Banana (H), Temple Ball – 4G (I), Temple Ball – Berry Krush (I), Temple Ball – Chem Diesel (S), Temple Ball – Citrus Pez (I), Temple Ball – Dirty Girl (S), Temple Ball – Donny Burger (I), Temple Ball – Double Cheese (I), Temple Ball – Dough Boyz (I), Temple Ball – GMO Cookies, Temple Ball – Golden Lion (H), Temple Ball – Grape Pie (I), Temple Ball – Lava Cake (I), Temple Ball – Pure Hash (I)

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