Soulshine solventless Keif box


Soulshine Cannabis Kief is made from our indoor grown flower. It is produced from a dry sifting process that is solventless. This preserves the terpenes for a flavorful and potent smoke. Kief is perfect as a bowl topper, or rolled into joints and other infusions! 


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Chocolate Chunk (I), Cookies and Cake (I), Cuban Linx (S), Donny Burger (I), Dough Boyz (I), Gaspian (S), GG #4 (S), GMO Cookies (H), Golden Lion (H), Grape GMO (I), Grape Pie (I), Himalayan Blackberry (I), Jack Herer (S), Jelly Breath (I), Jelly Doughnut (I), Klingon (I), Lava Cake (I), Lodi Dodi (S), Mimosa (H), Narnia (S), Rainmaker (H), Strawberry Banana (H), Truffle Cake (H)

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