3 Soulshine pre roll boxes: Himalayan Blackberry, Malibu Blue, Narnia strains.

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Soulshine Cannabis pre-rolls are 100% indoor grown flower. The per-roll 2-packs include two 0.5g joints (1 gram total), and comes in an eco-friendly box sealed with compostable cellophane to preserve potency and terpenes. 

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Chocolate Chunk (I), Cuban Linx (S), Dawg Walker (I), Donny Burger (I), Dough Boyz (I), Gaspian (S), Gelato (H), GG #4 (S), GMO Cookies (H), Golden Lion (H), Gorilla Cake (H), Grape Pie (I), Himalayan Blackberry (I), Ice Cream Cake (I), Jack Herer (S), Jelly Breath (I), Jungle Juice (S), Klingon (I), Lava Cake (I), Lodi Dodi (S), Malibu Blue (H), Mandarin Cookies (S), Marmot Punch (H), Midnight Splendor (I), Mimosa (S), Narnia (S), Narnia X Romulan (H), Pearly Girl (I), Platimum Punch (I), Punch Breath (I), Purple Punch x Kush Mints (I), Rainmaker (H), Strawberry Banana (H), Tangie (S)

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